Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Assessments

At Heartland Professional Services, we provide assessments, treatment, and rehabilitation to youth, adults and their families who have been injured or traumatized in motor vehicle accidents.  Such trauma can have a devastating and lasting effect on the quality of a person's life. Victims of motor vehicle accidents often find it hard to cope with the emotional sequelae associated with the MVA. For example, they may feel irritable, agitation, angry, depressed, or anxious and may have disturbances with sleep, concentration, attention span, memory, nightmares and flashbacks. They may also develop a fear of driving. Some victims may withdraw from their usual recreational and social activities. Our assessments identify impairments resulting from an accident and propose specific treatment and rehabilitation strategies.

We also have expertise in catastrophic evaluation, disability evaluation and preparation of psycho-legal reports. We usually provide assessments with the input of a multidisciplinary team when impairments require physical and functional evaluation in addition to psychological assessment.


MVA victims are not usually aware that they are often entitled to psychotherapy free of charge. Many victims attend physical rehabilitation while the emotional aspect of their suffering goes untreated. This can create problems in their future adjustment and well-being. In Ontario, the victim's Automobile Insurance Company is usually obligated to pay for such psychological treatment. Please call our office and we will apply for approval to provide with you counselling and psychotherapy services.